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Emigan Realtors Limited was incorporated in Kenya as a Limited Private Company in the year 2018 to deliver a full range of real estate services such as assets/property valuation, real estate agency, property management, facility management, project management, real estate investment appraisals, real estate feasibility studies and land/site acquisitions among others. In addition, the company’s professionals give advisory (consultancy) services on land and property matters.


We provide complete services to our customers in a wide range of sectors, which include commercial, residential and industrial buildings, general manufacturing, banking/financial, insurance, healthcare, retail trade, education sector and hospitality industry among many others. We also pay special attention to the needs of foreign and local investors.

Our Mission


To be an outstanding and distinguished company in delivering real estate services to real estate owners, occupiers and investors. We do so by ensuring professionalism, maximizing operational excellence, providing satisfactory customer service and optimal work environment.




We stand for uncompromising integrity and high ethical conduct in our business practices. We also protect client information that is sensitive, private or confidential as carefully as our own.



We strive for excellence and uphold the philosophy of continuous improvement in all that we do.



We always ensure we are responsible and liable to account for what we do to ensure economy, trust, fairness and transparency.



We strive to treat all partners in our work with the respect and dignity they deserve, value their contributions and uphold professional values at all times.



As Emigan Realtors Limited customer service is our number one priority. We serve clients locally and internationally offering a wide range of integrated real estate services which comprise:

§  Assets/Property Valuation.

§  Property Management.

§  Real Estate Agency.

§  Facility Management.

§  Project Management.

§  Real Estate Feasibility Studies

§  Real Estate Investment Appraisals.

§  Site Acquisitions.

§  Environmental Impact Assessments

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